The scenario from the Back To The Future movie is now happening slowly. Self-driving cars is creeping in to our doorstep with Tesla innovating faster than we ever did in the past. But that doesn’t mean we have to hurry with racing self-driving cars. Because we’re clearly not yet ready.

For the first time ever, self-driving cars zoomed through a course in public. The self-driving racing series dubbed as Roborace made history with its first public trial race at the Buenos Aires ePrix last weekend.

But something came up unexpectedly: A wild dog appeared!

While Devbot 1 handled the surprising obstacle by dodging the dog, the challenge was too much for the competing Devbot 2. The car took a corner too sharply, overcorrected, and smashed up against the wall, ending the first ever totally autonomous public race in a sad crash.

While the self-driving car race was not entirely an epic fail, it made the public face the reality that we’re still a long way from the perfect blueprint of these vehicles. All is not lost as we’re sure that the artificial intelligence present from these cars will learn from its mistakes and will surely correct it in the future.


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