Vlogs are fun. We’re able to live vicariously in these vloggers’ adventures, many of them too extreme and even more too expensive for us to experience. Also, being able to consume content every week or sometimes even every day opens up to the idea of making a new friend. You “virtually” spend time with these people, one video at a time.

With that, I leave this open list of Filipino vloggers I think are worthy of your hitting the subscribe button.

Lloyd Cadena

Lloyd is the de facto “queen” of comedic vloggers in the Philippines. That title isn’t arbitrary too. He’s funny, crass, and genuine. If you’re looking for a quick laugh, I prescribe a Lloyd Cadena vieo or two.

Wil Dasovich

Wil is famous for his fluent Bekinese. And eventually as the guy from PBB who turned down a woman and got called “bakla” (gay) for it, because that’s what we’ve become now, but I digress. Check out his stuff, he’s got energy and enthusiasm only fit for a self-proclaimed “tsonggo”.

Haley Dasovich

Wil’s crazy is twice as much pumping in Haley’s veins. This other half of the Dasovich siblings pretty much vlogs about the same stuff, so think of her work as the Dasovich life but from a perspective apart from Wil’s.

Say Tioco

Say is one of the earliest adopters of the vlogging platform, and obviously got rewarded for it. She vlogs just about everything under the sun; I have friends who subconsciously check on her stuff, like someone would on a friend. The power of vlogging, man. It’s beyond me.

Patrick Simondac

Perhaps the most fun beauty vlogger in the world, Patrick Simondac (a.k.a. Patrickstarr) is a renowned make up artist whose video tutorials get millions of views. That’s no incident, too. Just take a look at this video.


Erwan Heusaff

Erwan is the guy behind The Fat Kid Inside, a popular food and lifestyle blog. He vlogs his life, which means cameos from people you already know. From fashion models, bloggers, and everything in between.

Bretman Rock

I mean…e-heeeeeeeeeee.


Andrea Brillantes

Andrea takes the typical YouTube route.

Geoff Ledesma

Geoff scours the metro so you don’t have to. He reviews food, travels, and watches movies, all of which he documents in vlog form.

Xian Lim

“What you see on T.V. is just the tip of the iceberg.” I’m sure plenty will cash in.

Luigi Pacheco

Luigi is that one friend who parades lame jokes and dank memes to a roomful of serious, hardworking individuals. In short, Luigi is Armand inside the Typist headquarters. Luigi is me. Luigi is you. Luigi is us.

Michelle Dy

Michelle is one of the most popular female vloggers in the country. And that’s for a reason. Michelle is notorious for beauty-for-a-dime makeup tutorials, looks, and more.


BeautyKLove treats her hair like a crown, and so styles it only very meticulously. From here she produces regular content comprised of makeup and hair tutorials and more.

Our Awesome Planet

Anton Diaz’s advocacy is to find hidden slices of life, first in Manila, and then the world. The advocacy holds right up ’till today. He’s doing a tremendous job since 2005.

Anne Clutz

Anne Clutz is a famous beauty vlogger and a go-to for those in need of beauty and lifestyle tips.

Did I miss anything? Your favorite bloggers didn’t make the cut? Let us know in the comments below; we’ll always update this article.


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