Let’s start by quoting this tweet:

The Pineapple on Pizza Debate refers to the longstanding argument surrounding the merits of Hawaiian pizza, which is a pizza topped with pieces of pineapple. The pizza has long been a subject of internet debate, and it divided the whole world into two.

And the anti-supporters of this found one powerful ally — the president of Iceland.

Faced with the ongoing uproar in both his country and the whole world, the president of Iceland has been forced to voice out his opinion regarding this matter. Last week, the conversation of the president together with the pupils at high school in Akureyri led to him stating that he was “fundamentally opposed” to pineapple on pizzas.

But he took it to a whole new level by saying that if he could, he would ban the tropical fruit as a pizza topping. And this sparked once again in social media with people voicing out their own opinions.

To avoid any issues or misunderstandings, he created a statement in English and Icelandic on his Facebook page titled A Statement on The Pizza Controversy. He said he liked pineapple, just not on his pizzas and he respects everyone who loves to put pineapples in theirs.

He continued to say that presidents should not have “unlimited power” and “would not want to hold this position if (he) could pass laws forbidding that which (he) don’t like.” and ended by saying “I would not want to live in such a country. For pizzas, I recommend seafood.”

We’re already liking this president. He’s finally talking about something important for the people in the internet.


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