The internet is no stranger to cartoons being bigger than their cutesy little narratives. Often, cartoons inspire conspiracy theories which connect them to much deeper, darker meanings. On this post, we list ten of our favorites.

An important PSA: your childhood is at risk of being ruined. Read on only if you know you can take it.


Spongebob and his friends are radioactive mutants

This one’s a classic. It is believed that Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward are all ghosts of the victims of nuclear warfare. They exist in “bikini bottom” for Chrisakes.

The entire ‘The Rugrats’ series take place inside Angelica’s tortured little mind

Here’s a doozy: Tumblogger explains…”All of the Rugrats are dead and figments of Angelica’s imagination. Chuckie (the anxious redhead) died with his mother, which explains why his father, Chaz, is such a mess. The main character, Tommy, was a stillborn and his death had a lasting effect on his father: Stu’s obsession with making toys stems from the trauma of losing his son. As for Phil and Lil, the twins with slightly ambiguous genders—their mother, Betty, had an abortion. Knowing that Betty was pregnant and then not, Angelica didn’t know the sex of the baby and thus created twins to include both sexes.”

Rampant Nazi-isms in ‘Dexter’s Lab’

Think about why Dexter had to have a German accent, dress like a madman of science, and spends all of his time building destructive inventions?

‘The Little Mermaid’ idolizes her subjects’ murderers

There’s something eerie about a woman who idolizes the killers of her kind. That’s Ariel from Disney’s classic animation movie, The Little Mermaid. She’s got obvious issues, but the one that’s most discomforting surpassing even her cutthroat materialism, is the fact that she idolizes humans, the biggest consumers of seafood.

Classic Disney characters are cannibals

The problem with the universe where classic Disney characters exist is that both anthropomorphic animals such as Mickey, Goofy, and Donald are able to function like humans, and the rest are just…animals. Imagine the horror of a duck roasting a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Wtf, dinner?

‘Toy Story 3’ is about the Holocaust

One of the heart-crushing Disney movies, according to Jordan Hoffman, is an allegory about the Holocaust. Think about it. Toys are put to recluse in an attic. Some go on to live fancier lives (you know, one without torture and certain death) than others, and all that hoopla. Read Jordan’s theory. It’s pretty tight.

Genie in ‘Aladdin’ has a serious case of Stockholm syndrome

Genie feels obligated to serve his master, possibly with the presumption that if only he complies, his master will finally set him free. This is a whole new world of darkness.

Timmy’s fairy godparents are the products of Prozac and Zoloft; or just that of a molested young boy’s mind

Timmy only encounters his fairy godparents when he needs them. This is likely a reply to parents who needlessly put their children in prescribed medication, so as to “avert” their attention to school. There’s also a popular theory where Timmy is viewed as a sexual assault victim whose coping mechanism is to create a better, albeit crazier pair of guardians.

Totoro is the Angel of Death

This one’s easy. When you see Totoro, it pretty much means with absolute certainty that you’re going to die soon.

Rocko’s “modern” life is sexually perverted

If you have watched at least an episode of Rocko’s Modern Life as an adult, you’ll be shocked at how sexually perverted the jokes are. It is, interestingly, an informed reflection on modernity should you choose to binge-watch it as an adult. Still, Rocko’s “jack-a-thons” will never be the same.


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