We are so confused right now.

Last night, a video was uploaded by FBE called “Poppy Reacts to Kids React to Poppy” and has already generated over 1 million views.

FBE is also the channel that created the famous “Kids React” series where children and teens watch interesting YouTube videos and talk about what they felt after watching them.

For this video, That Poppy, an American musician and YouTuber, was expected to react to how the kids reacted to her videos. However, we only see her stone cold face as she repeated her video’s monologues.

All of the kids found her content quite strange and eerie, while one even asked if there was a hidden meaning in what this quite peculiar girl was doing.

Watch until the end.

So who is That Poppy?

A bunch of YouTubers tried to explain who she really was, and why in the world she has her own VEVO and real products sold on iTunes. She is even represented by the same record company as Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

Her videos are all in that pale pastel tone with her giving strange monologues about usual stuff you see on YouTube like putting on makeup and how she likes painting, except she maintains that same facial expression (or non-expression) all throughout. Her top video with more than 3 million views is a 10 minutes of her saying “I’m Poppy”. We are still very confused.

Oh wait, she has those videos where she bleeds through her nose and mouth too.

Thankfully, Poppy is a definitely a real human just maintaining an image for her musician life. Here’s a video of her acting just fine:



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