You get tired of your favorite songs after a while and then you face that moment in life when you just don’t want to listen to anything anymore. There are times you want to listen to the radio but your phone doesn’t come with a radio app or something, or you simply don’t like the radio stations in the Philippines.

So welcome to the amazing world of podcasts. They’re nothing new, really. Think of them as radio shows without the music – just two people or maybe even one person talking about one topic. Here are our three favorite podcasts from last month:

Ladies Who Lunch

Ladies Who Lunch is hosted by YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. We love this playlist because they talk about topics on women and gender so eloquently because they know exactly what they’re talking about and they really researched on whatever topic it is for the week. Ladies Who Lunch is for anyone who wants to learn about life in a lighthearted way.

This podcast isn’t just for women. Ingrid and Cat also talk about how it is to live with depression and anxiety, their hopes and dreams, and how they deal with different kinds of people.

Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig’s sarcastic and disappointed perspective in life is… all of us. In all seriousness though, Grace Helbig is such a talented YouTube celebrity and host for any occasion. We’re confident even if it’s just her speaking in the podcast, it will still be the most entertaining thing on earth.

Usually, Grace features one of her friends or fellow YouTubers in her podcasts. It gets real fun because they just talk about whatever and answer random questions sent by listeners. When the conversation gets to deep, Grace reminds them of the title of the show.

Philosophize This!

For those days you want to learn about how Plato understood the actions of man, or for when you just want to know how to win an argument using the knowledge of common fallacies. Philosophize This! makes learning about philosophy enjoyable and relatable. It’s addicting!


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