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Apple may be Changing their iPhone cords. Again.

You may need to throw your supply of Lightning cords once again as Apple could be making a huge change for their upcoming cords. This time, they’re ditching the Lightning port for a USB-C one.

While most rumors are circulating about Apple using a flexible OLED screen for the most high-end iPhone, people are now talking about the extinction of the Lightning port. But this may be a good idea for the company and everyone else.

The USB-C port has now become a standard port for all the Android devices — like the new LG G6, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and their own latest MacBooks. If it will truly push through, this will be a big move for Apple, as they are joining the Android ecosystem for charging needs.

Like the Lightning connector, the USB-C is reversible so you won’t ever waste time finding the right side to charge your device. It can also handle different kinds of processes, you can charge, transfer data and use it as an external video output.

But there is one thing wrong with the move: the earphones that comes with the current iPhones are Lightning cords. Will they be once again changing their cords? I think not. But hopefully, they will.





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