Thank you, Marvel. Thank you.

Spare me the Marvel-D.C. dilemma, but what Marvel just did is a very boss move. Marvel editor-in-chief Alex Alonso took to Twitter to share brand new Hip-hop variant covers of a few titles, including 2PAC’s seminal record All Eyez On Me, with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man standing in for the late rap icon. There’s also a take on Frank Ocean’s Blond (which, I know, is technically more of a Pop/R&B type of album, but still, to add it to this roster is ahh-mazing!), serving as an alt cover for Issue 01 of Royals.

Check out all five of them after the bump.

What do you guys think? Are you going to get the variant and lock it in a safe until you will it to your kid? ‘Cause that’s what I’ll probably do. Anyway, check out the trailer for the new The Amazing Spider-Man: Homecoming movie.


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