When people tell you it takes talent to be able to sing beautifully, they’re wrong. It takes effort and a lot of courage. To have the willingness to practice every day, and the courage to experiment with new songs and vocal techniques – that’s what makes a great musician.

Making mistakes is alright

Reading music can be very objective at times. While I was in choir, I had to know exactly which parts of the song I make mistakes in and come up with ways on how to finally get it right. I learned that accepting these mistakes had more retention than punishing myself and getting frustrated. It was okay to make mistakes during rehearsals, just don’t let it drag you down.

Courtesy of Viola Nuñez

Letting go

Vocal training taught me to let go and just sing. Our conductor always tells us to keep yourself out of the music. It’s about the music, not about you. Let go of all your problems and just do your best to bring out the beauty in what you’re singing.

I think this is also how singing with a choir became my stress reliever. I just felt that I could just set all my problems aside because all I was thinking about is doing my best in rehearsals and being filled with such wonderful sound. I even attended rehearsals during thesis semester. You’re making something beautiful, remember that.

Courtesy of Dee-dee Lee

Meeting new people

It doesn’t stop after rehearsals! Go hang out with your choir-mates after a long day in the rehearsal room. The choral industry is filled with so many hardworking and inspiring choristers. There are hundreds of choirs in the Philippines, and there are also many events where you can  meet choirs from different provinces and even countries. There might even be a chance you can go on tour with your choir and join international choral competitions and events!

Creating a spark

I get emotional attending choral events because just look at all the people who love singing and are willing to share to the world how passionate they are!

One of my favorite events is the Ateneo de Manila College Glee Club’s Blue Harmonies. It’s an annual choral competition for organizations inside the Ateneo, but the Glee Club’s vision for it is to soon become an inter-school choral competition here in the Philippines.

Blue Harmonies is a way for the Glee Club to use music as a means for people to be aware of social issues in the country and try do something about it. Groups competing partner up with beneficiary organizations such as Gawad Kalinga, Philippine Toy Library, and Dona Juana Elementary School and will be receiving a portion of the groups’ earnings.

This year, Blue Harmonies takes the word Siklab as their theme, the Tagalog word for ‘spark’ in hopes that music will spark the need for action towards the country’s current situation.

New month, new music.

You’re missing a lot if you’re not on that choral music Spotify playlist, you know. Though it’s another kind of experience to be able to hear great choirs live. And I am positive that the Ateneo College Glee Club, the oldest university choir in the Philippines, will perform a song or two in the event.

Blue Harmonies 2017: Siklab will be held on March 4, 2017, Saturday, 6pm at the GT Toyota Auditorium in Diliman, Quezon City. Tickets are sold inside the Ateneo at the Kostka Extension until tomorrow, through the Carousell app, and at the venue before the event.


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