We’re sure that if you’re reading this now, you’re probably slacking off browsing Facebook and Twitter and ignoring your growing to-do list. This time’s technology has given us so many reasons to cram that the side effect is evident — we can’t stay focused. We know that losing focus is really easy, but getting it back is one of the hardest things to do.

So we’ll help you. Read on.

Know when your Brain is working with you

People tend to work efficiently at different times of day. For most people like me, we tend to stay out of focused after lunch to 4pm. Also, people tend to handle tough cognitive loads best in the late morning hours, after 10am. At this point of day, your brain is fully awake. So do your work during those hours.

If ever you need to work in the afternoon, you might want to take a break or go for a short walk before doing those work.

Reward Yourself for doing a good job

You brain learns by doing. This means that when you engage in a more disruptive behavior, it is easier to get used to it. It’s like you’re training your mind to feel some sort of reward for being distracted and you need to stop that.

So do the opposite, train your brain to stay focused by catching yourself before you fall into bad habits. Each time you feel like you’re being distracted, stop for a while. The more you get used to it, the more it’s easy to do it.

Slow it down

While most of us are used to opening all 15 tabs that we have to work it. Working as fast as possible doesn’t really make us better at work. It’s actually bad for us. Our mind is unable to focus on more than one thing at a time. You should make a list of task that needs to be done in order of importance and do it one at a time.

To be more focused at work, find a place that you’re free from any distraction. You might want to work at a different cubicle in the office or a nearby coffee shop.



Be happy on the work that you’re doing

There are times that when you’re just about to start something, you’ll find yourself browsing Facebook 10 minutes later. That because when you don’t believe that the task at hand is important enough to warrant your unmitigated attention, your brain begins to process other stimulus. When you lose focus, ask if it’s you or the task that you’re doing. If it’s less engaging, it might be better suited to when you have more natural energy.



Buy yourself a Chewing Gum

Well, that sounds weird right? Nope. Research shows that chewing gum increases the oxygen flow to the parts of your brain responsible for attention. It also enhances your long term memory and injects a bit of insulin into your blood which may help give your brain that added energy boost.


If don’t want to chew gum, then find an alternative. For me, jawbreaker candies typically works.


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