The Deadpool 2 teaser is here and it’s a year in advance. The teaser was pretty simple but if you really look hard, you may find some easter eggs that will give you clues on what’s going to happen in the next movie. Here are some:

Superman Vibe

You may have noticed that while Deadpool is changing into his superhero suit, the Superman theme song was playing loudly. He’s totally making fun of Superman’s phone booth by saying “didn’t this go out of style in’98?”

Hats off to Logan

At the background you’ll see the theater was playing Logan and in the worst looking neighborhood ever.

Nathan Summers coming soon

You can see that in the phonebooth that he’s changing into has a writing “Nathan Summers Cumming soon!”


There’s even the word “Hope” written at the back for Hope and Cable in the messiah complex storyline. It’s a nice easter egg but we doubt that Hope will even appear in the next movie.


Way back behind Deadpool on the wall while he’s running you’ll see a Firefly poster that was owned by Fox that was actually canceled.

Stan Lee!

Just when you thought that this was just a normal teaser for the Deadpool 2 movie, a wild Stan Lee appeared! So glad that they’re putting this ahead for the movie.

This teaser was meant to hype up the incoming Deadpool movie early next year because they’re going to try and drop in sometime between February and March, depending on how fast they’re going to make it. If they really want to, they can push the movie as early as 6 months from now.

Spotted any more easter eggs in the teaser? Let us know in the comments section. Deadpool 2 will most likely hit your movie screens between February and March next year.


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