With the recent elections from both here in The Philippines and the United States of America, fake and out-of-context news have been the daily trend to people. And still, after the elections, some people are creating fake news to spread various propagandas in social media. And Facebook finally came out with its long-awaited response to beginning to cut away at he issue.

Spotted on Twitter last week, the tool identifies links to sites known to produce misinformation. The tool cites third-part fact-checking organizations like Snopes and Politifact. Facebook started testing related features and promised to update them regularly to create the fool-proof algorithm to determine fake news.

Now, the social media giant is slowly rolling out the tool to be made available to more users. They added a section on “disputed” new to its help tools. Users can see why stories were marked as disputed. As Facebook said, the too isn’t available to every user yet, but once it is, get ready to see some “disputed news” on your newsfeed.

This is a great move from Facebook because with ongoing political issues happening here in The Philippines, we need to know what facts and sources are true.



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