According to a team of researchers from UC Davis and California State University, Long Beach, pandas are black and white for a reason. We can cross off camouflage too, of course, because how can these mammals blend in an environment with just two different colored patches of fur?

Even in snowscape, you’ll quickly spot a panda, not because they’re cute, but because of the black patches engulfing its body. These patches, of course, aren’t just there. They’re there to signal “intent about ferocity,” according to a study published last week in Behavioral Ecology.

Apparently, the patches help predators like leopards know that they are, uh, bears, like a convenient way of saying, “nah, you don’t fakk with me”. The patches around panda’s black eyes are there to help fellow bears know that they’re their bros/hoes. You know, like a convenient way of saying “wassup”.

Pandas. Minsan bolpen, minsan cute na mga mammal. 🐼 🐼 🐼



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