And I thought Tuesdays were perpetually boring days. Today, President Duterte is set to sign the executive order banning smoking in public places all over the country. Such is already implemented in the city of Davao.

According to ABS-CBN News, Health Secretary Paulyn Ubai clarified that public places do include indoor and outdoor locations and even including inside vehicles. Unlike a law, this executive order relies on the creation of ordinances by the local government in order to properly put this order into action.

Even current smokers are happy with this news, since they understand the inappropriateness of other citizens just smoking anywhere they please. Smokers even applauded the ban saying it’s a great way for them to slowly stop the habit.

But we’re here for the funny reactions, aren’t we? So here they are:

Genuinely thought he was referring to Chainsmokers the band

Happy Valentine’s Day?


There’s just something wrong about this reasoning



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