Listen. It’s March. You’ve busted your ass last month. Took all your might, but you did. You know what’s a proper reward? Movies! T.V. Binge! But which movies and T.V. shows?

I know! These….

Amanda Knox

Netflix’s original documentary, Amanda Knox, is an ICYMI entry at this point; I myself has made the mistake of leaving it unturned for so long in my “to-watch” pile. But boy, was I brought for a treat. It’s a portrait of a case as intimate as The Imposter is the best praise I can give it.

Girlfriend’s Day

If you’re waiting for Season Three of Better Call Saul like yours truly, Netflix has recently put out a movie starring Bob Odenkirk, following a down-on-his-luck writer entangled in a nauseating ride of crime and violence.

Marvel’s Iron Fist

“The last Defender,” as Marvel promo materials constantly remind us, is perhaps its best yet. You’re welcome to draw comparisons from The CW’s Arrow, but it’s guaranteed that Rosario Dawson appears here, so it’s an automatic win. Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres on Netflix—March 17th.

Ajin: Demi-Human

Upon a restless binge over the weekend, Ajin: Demi-Human gets my seal of approval. There’s gore. There’s inquisitive storylines. There’s gorgeous animation. Go watch it. Now.

The Good Wife

It’s women’s month. And it should be celebrated by re-binge-ing the story of TV’s de facto perfectly flawed woman, Alicia Florrick. The Good Wife tells her story as she stands by her husband, the Chicago governor, through a malicious prostitution scandal.

I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

Macon Blair’s new film I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore has an existential appeal to it, never mind its simpleton setup. It wouldn’t matter anyway when you have colorful characters that exist in the plane of comic violence known only in the cinema of The Coen Brothers. It’s funny. It’s violent. But also reflective in many parts.

Love: Season Two

Judd Apatow’s show about two helpless lovers is uniquely touching it’s only bound to get a second run. It premieres on Netflix on March 10.

The White Helmets

This Academy Award-winning documentary screeches to a soul-crushing crescendo, and though seeing it in a big screen is I think the only proper venue for watching it, a laptop or a T.V. screen will have to do. It’s pretty important work that everybody needs to see.


13th is an exploration of racial inequality in the U.S. There’s something seriously fucked up in the prison system in the U.S., mirroring that of our own here in the Philippines, what with all the Tokhang and Death Penalty hooplas pundits keep on spewing left and right.

Imperial Dreams

No one really talked about Imperial Dreams since its initial release in 2014, but Netflix re-released it recently to generally positive reaction. Directed by Malik Booth, the film stars John Boyega.


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