Guy gets arrested after getting distracted with cats

In a recent article by The Huffington Post, some guy in Florida by the name of Daniel Pinedo Velapatino took $2,000 from his friend’s wallet and expected to get away with it. He spent the night partying and we’re still not sure how he found it okay to get that much money out of a FRIEND’s wallet. 

Looks like they won’t be friends anymore.

The suspect took off and smashed a car and fire hydrant while on his way. He then ended up in Candace Noonan’s front yard claiming to be the a landscaper and asked for a drink. Gotta get hydrated after that wild night out.

When Noonan came back after getting a glass of water, she found the ‘very odd’ man lying down on the floor and stroking her pet cat, according to Patch

The homeowners suspected this strange behavior and called the police, which led to his arrest. This man was also wanted for car theft and drug charges prior to this incident.

Former Indian minister falls for puppy scam

First of all,

From an article on Mashable, Salman Khurshid thought he was buying a Maltese from a legitimate site. He found an ad while he was on the internet one day and found someone selling pedigree puppies for $180. The seller, a certain Tony Wallace, was outside New Delhi and required the money to be wired.

Why would you buy a puppy from a person you just met on the internet???

Wallace soon requested money for the puppy’s certificates plus another $885 for introducing the minister to a travel agency for dogs called Pacific Pet Relocators.

Pacific Pet Relocators does not exist. The dog was never delivered. And Tony Wallace probably doesn’t exist either.

Khurshid has reported this to the New Delhi police and is currently filing a case.

This dog farting ‘louder than any human’

A week ago, this dog decided to let out some feelings.

We see dogs being cute and all. I’m betting that non-existent Maltese Salman Khurshid tried to buy would be cute as can be too.

But Billy Howard reminds us that dogs must pass some gas every once in a while too. Except his dog can be a bit too excessive.


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