Game of Thrones, HBO’s most popular hit show about medieval shitstorms and fantasy gore, will be back soon this year. The release date is set on July 17, 2017. They just released a poster today, and it has a lot of ice.

We’re going to give a lot of details that will come out of our mind, but here’s a much-deserved warning:


Game of Thrones
Battle of the Bastards
Season 6, Episode 9
Air Date: June 19, 2016
Kit Harington

The hashtag is slanted to the right

For those who are not familiar with the geography of Game of Thrones, Essos is the east of Westeros, which is on the west. Not a lot of context clues in those names, but now you know. Anyway, in most map projections, east is to the right, so what the rightward slant indicates is a return to Essos. The finale of Season 6 saw major characters journey westward, seemingly consolidating the action. That’s about it, a major character is going east.

The letter H is the closest to the strand of fire

This is out of nowhere but what beloved character died in an agonizing fashion last season whose name starts with an H? Hodor. And with the design given to us, it looks like Hodor is coming back as an ice zombie, phoenix-style. Hence the letter near the fire.

Eerie letter “B”

For us, the letter “B” means “Bran”. Notice that the letter is above any other letters on the poster? Does that mean that he will fly? We think so. But we also think he will become a god.

Fractures shaping an upside-down 7 next to real 7:

Remember the Seven? They are the gods who form the core of Westeros’ commonly practiced religion. We think that The Seven will walk Westeros as physical beings trying to get reveng but they’ll fuck up their reincarnation and have to walk around all upside-down.


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