Francis Kong is a great motivational speaker, with inspirational quotes you can probably live by for the rest of your life. He has quotes on success, friendship, and love, all from his experience as a successful entrepreneur and also as a family man.

Here are 10 of our favorites from 2017.

1. When you meet people and deal with people, get into the habit of wearing a smile even if they do not smile back just continue to so. Your day turns out better. I promise and you actually make others feel better as well. Never underestimate the power of a smile.

2. Happiness is in the giving and not with the mindset of taking and receiving.

3. Every professional and expert began as beginners.

4. Do not be afraid of hard work. It’s the means to build competence that leads to success.

5. One looks with envy the other one looks with an inspiration to become better. Make sure you belong to this group.

6. To the wise money is a wonderful tool. To the greedy money is a lethal drug. To the givers money is a blessing. To the takers money is their master.(anon) To most people work is just a way to earn something to pay the bills. But to the successful work is a platform to be productive, find meaning and to develop personal competence and character. The right perspective is always powerful.

7. Dreams never come true until we wake up from our sleep and do some serious work.

8. You cannot expect the world to be changed only by people of perfection, trust me, they are hard to find.

9. There is never a reason for one to feel superior over another. We are all experts and scholars but only in different subject matter; we cannot succeed alone and that is why we need to help each other along the way.

10. Success is always associated with actions and movements. So we need to act, to move, to remind from being static and resist the temptation of quitting.



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