Regardless of how big your freelance business is, you need a home base. It is where your clients will know everything they need to know about you and your services. This is true for any business too. If you are on business and you are online, you need a website. On this article, I will teach you how to build a website for your freelance business without spending a lot of money and effort.

Settle your branding first. Branding is everything.

How To Build A Website For Your Freelance Business in the Philippines

This goes without saying. If you’re at this point of product development and you haven’t started anything on branding yet, it’s time to. You need a logo. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise, because you do. It doesn’t have to be grand or anything, but set a distinct visual identity for you and your brand. Don’t put yourself out there without it.

You can hire freelancers at content mills such as Upwork and Fiverr, but note that while the pool of freelancers on these sites have promising talent, there are also ones who don’t really do a good job. When in doubt, look for more premium sites like 99designs or, better yet, seek the help of your designer friends. Some are happy to do it at a discounted rate because of the connection and the exposure.

For this I’d say you’ll have to prepare anywhere from $5 – $200.

Secure a hosting service. Find something robust and reliable.

How To Build A Website For Your Freelance Business in the Philippines

Hosting service providers like Bluehost or iPage offer starter shared hosting packages that allow business owners to launch their sites at a bare minimum cost. Domain registrations are usually free before a limited number of domains, but if you want to secure multiple domains (recommended), you can too, using services like Namecheap and GoDaddy.

Your hosting provider should also give you the option to install WordPress as your content management system or CMS. This only means that you’ll be able to use WordPress as your backend U.I. when developing your site. I like WordPress a lot because it’s much easier to use than other open-source CMSs.

Hosting providers usually has one-click install programs which usher you through the process step-by-step. Use that to set up your site.

Hosting providers usually cost cheap, especially the shared hosting plans, setting you back on monthly rates anywhere from $2 to $15.

Dress up your site. Power-up with plugins. Fill it up with content.

How To Build A Website For Your Freelance Business in the Philippines

Don’t just set your site up and launch. Dress it up, first, fill it with essential content, and then, you launch. Here’s what I think you should do.

Seek out free themes. Granted these “templates” don’t usually carry any support, but many of them are elegantly coded you won’t need support for much of the time. If you can’t find a free theme, you can find cheap ones at marketplaces such as Themeforest, Mojo Marketplace, and Creative Market. There are amazing themes that cost as low as $39. You can also save a lot of money from subscription sites which give you instant access to their library of products.

I recommend getting Elegant Themes’ subscription package, which gives you a ton of themes and plugins which can turn your website into basically anything. If you’re more concerned with looks and speed, I point you to Genesis Themes and Thrive Themes.

Once your site looks pretty, it’s time to load it up with content. Again, you can outsource from the sites I mentioned to do this, but you can also create the content yourself. Start with a handful of articles before you even dare to launch, and make sure that you at least have the following pages accomplished.

  • A beautiful homepage with clear value proposition and calls-to-action.
  • An about page and a contact page
  • Services page
  • Socratic questioning page
  • A lead magnet (i.e. free newsletter, free e-book, etc.)
  • Privacy policy page and terms of conditions page


Building a website doesn’t have to be too hard or expensive. You can build a website for your freelance business definitely easily and for cheap, thanks to the many services that make it possible. The bottomline here: your freelance business needs a home base. It gives plus points for professionalism, and it is an amazing lead generation tool.


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