MUA Luxe, a makeup brand from the UK just released a new product called Shimmer Sheets, a highlighter in paper form. It almost looks like a pack of oil blotting sheets but it adds a beautiful glow to the high points of your face. Here are some details we know about the product as well as first impressions!

Glow and pigmentation level: beyond this world.

One quick swipe and you get great pigmentation and glow right away! Not convinced? Read on.

You can get it in two shades.

Currently, the Shimmer Sheets are limited to only two shades – white gold and rose gold, both I’m confident Filipino skin tones can pull off very well. I’m also curious to see how the rose gold one will look, since it just might look a tiny bit too orange. It looks like a great highlight for deeper skin tones, but for lighter ones it can pass off as blush.

Image: MUA Luxe


Image: MUA Luxe

Don’t worry though, it’s multipurpose.

The shimmer sheets can be used as a bronzer, an eyeshadow, and a highlight for the center of your lips and the inner corners of your eyes.

But you probably still need a brush.

Since the pigmentation is so intense, there’s a tendency this highlighter might come out chunky even for a powder product. Of course, if the blinding highlight trend isn’t your thing, feel free to use a brush to blend it out.

You might end up wasting product.

A first impression that immediately popped up in my head is that for people like me who prefer not using a lot of highlighter, one sheet can be a lot unless you use it all over your face. One swipe could be enough to still leave you with a bunch of product on the sheet. It’s so strange to think about it but I’m betting some people might even cut it up and place it in a small container.

It’s affordable.

This product retails only for £3 (P185) and you get 40 sheets in one pack.

It is only available in the UK, for now.

According to their site, they are currently unable to offer shipping to Europe and to the rest of the world.

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Best bet is to ask a friend from the UK to get it for you or use a parcel forwarding service.

MUA Luxe has physical stores in the UK.

If you’re reading this from the UK, MUA Luxe is sold in UK Superdrug stores listed on their site. The product was only launched just recently so we’re thinking if it’s available already now, it’s fresh off the lab!

We need to get our hands on those right now.


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