The live action movie of  Disney’s Beauty and the Beast premieres today, March 16, in cinemas nationwide. The movie has gathered mixed reviews from its worldwide premiere, comparing it to the original 1991 Disney film. Whether this live version’s dark undertones resonated with many as a ‘deeper’ take or not, or whether it’s a good movie overall,  it is one must-see movie this 2017.

Filipino Critics and casual moviegoers have given their detailed reviews on the movie already and here’s what they have said:

Philbert Dy, The Neighborhood

“The story remains intact, and the minor additions do succeed in making some of its elements feel a little rounder. But whereas the 1991 film felt like a culmination of something, or a new standard for what can be done with animation, this version is just that: a version.” 

Read Philbert’s review.

Andie Estella, Cosmo Philippines

“The chemistry between Belle and her Beast was evident from the very beginning, although I have to say that Josh Gad’s LeFou definitely stole the show.”

Read Andie’s review.

Jio de Leon,

“Luckily, this new version transforms the original to something modern and fresh, while retaining plenty of the old-school magic that made it such a favorite.”

Read Jio’s review.

Stephanie Mayo, Concept Central

“The performances are more subdued and serious in the live adaptation, making it more realistic and human.”

Read Stephanie’s review.


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