Marvel’s Netflix series, Iron Fist, features Danny Rand, a Marvel character beloved by fans aplenty. In line with its upcoming premiere, we’re trekking down memory lane to trace back the intriguing origin of Iron Fist.

History and Background


The character Iron Fist sprung from its creators’—Roy Thomas and Gil Kane—love for kung fu movies, a rising trend in the mid-70’s. Iron Fist is heavily influenced by a similarly developed character, Amazing-Man, having been trained by monks in Tibet during the early years of his life. It is in a place called K’un Lun that Iron Fist developed his strengths and abilities, before moving back to New York where he, as Danny Rand, continues the legacy of his late parents, one of whom had also been a student at the mystic city of K’un Lun—his father.

Iron Fist’s first solo title is The Immortal Iron Fist, where a big chunk of his character’s history and origin is revealed. This is right after Iron Fist partnered with his fellow Defender, Luke Cage, in titles such as Power Man and Iron Fist and Heroes For Hire. Danny had also, at one point, posed as the Daredevil.

Oh, and he died. And came back to life. In Kanye’s words, he’s part-Yeezus.

Strengths and Abilities

Iron Fist’s identifying ability of concentrating chi on his fists (and actually practically everywhere in his body), making him impossibly powerful. Having been taught martial arts for decades in Tibet, he has also mastered his fighting and enhanced a physicality most effective in combat. Apart from this, he’s also able to heal himself (by concentrating chi inward his body), and had, at some point, been able to meld minds with another person.

Alliances and Affiliations

Iron Fist’s adventures with Luke Cage are iconic, and that makes me so excited for the Netflix series (in spite of the totally negged initial reviews). Danny and Luke have gone through a lot of battles together, as partners (as Heroes For Hire), and as equal members of a team (the Defenders, the New Avengers, and others). Danny had also assisted Hope Summers’ training for defeating Phoenix-possessed X-Men.

The Netflix Series

Although the early reviews aren’t exactly excitement-inducing, I still look forward to the new series. I’ll probably still binge it, because what else is there to do on a weekend, right? The lowdown: Danny Rand is more than just an Amazing-Man rip-off, and no way is he an off-brand version of Oliver Queen. I’ll weather through the dragging pace if I should; Iron Fist is going to be an important set up for the upcoming Defenders series.

Check out the trailer:


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