We think you should hold off a little bit.


As you know Nintendo’s newest gaming console — The Switch — is slowly rolling out here in The Philippines and everyone is boasting about it. But what if we told you reasons not to buy the Nintendo Switch? Don’t believe us? Read on.

That poor kickstand

The kickstand that is found on the back of the Switch is so flimsy and seems destined to snap off. It props up the screen at a steep angle unsuited to a lot of situations and generally feels unsteady. Do note that it also acts as a cover for the MicroSD card slot, so if it breaks, your memory card will be exposed.

The charging port is at the bottom

Apparently, Nintendo didn’t think this through. The charging port is found at the bottom of the Switch. It’s all good when you’re holding it, but when you when you want it to stand up on your table, you won’t be able to. BECAUSE THE CABLE GETS IN THE WAY. Why?!

It’s hard to use headphones while playing on the TV

Both the Joy-Con grip and the Pro Controller lack a headphone output in them. Previous consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo’s own Wii U allows everyone to easily listen to game audio on headphones from your couch when you’re using the console to play a game on the TV.

You can’t use your bluetooth headsets

We’re starting to move to a wireless world but Nintendo isn’t helping. The Switch doesn’t have any support for bluetooth headsets so you’ll have to insert a wired one if you don’t want to be annoying in public. What year is it, Nintendo? 2005?

You can’t backup

As seen on Nintendo’s support website: save data (for digital AND physical games) cannot be transferred between systms and You can activate one console at a time for you Nintendo Account. your games are only playable on the current active console.

So what does this mean? Unfortunately, you can’t transfer your saved games to a new console or a MicroSD card and that current;y, there’s n way to back up your saves.

Build quality is off

There are a couple of issues on the Switch’s build quality like the kickstand above. The release buttons you use to remove the Joy-Con are small and hard to press without accidentally pressing other buttons as well.

Speaking of  the controllers, the included Joy-Con grip doesn’t charge the controllers, so if you use the Switch for TV gaming and want to charge the Joy-Con every night you’ll have to disassemble the grip controller and re-attach the Jou-Con to the handle in the dock. It really is an awkward process to do everyday.


Each of those things isn’t really a big deal on its own, but when put together, you may want to question yourself if it is really worth the money. But heck, the sole reason to buy the console is that we all want to play the new Zelda game so we think that it’s still a great deal.

How about you? Do you still want to buy the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments section below.


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