If you like watching movies and TV shows, you know for yourself that you will not be fazed with bad reviews and critics. But still, ratings and reviews are somewhat useful especially if you want something new. It helped us weed out those bad TV shows and movies in Netflix. But unfortunately, that’s all about to change.

Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin announced at a press briefing today that the video streaming service will be switching to a simpler thumbs up/thumbs down system of rating films. The new method has been in beta for a while now and you may already be seeing it. Yellin told reporters that the company saw a 200% increase in user ratings over those months and it will roll out to everyone in April.

“Five stars feels very yesterday now,” Yellin stated. “We’re spending billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge.”


With this, Netflix would be copying Steam’s style of reviewing. Is this good or bad? Well, it’s tough to say. For one, it give people only binary decisions on how they liked a film. It’s like you gave the movie a good three starts but for now, you’ll just have to give it a thumbs down because it’s not perfect.



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