Imagine being able to answer calls, navigate and listen to music while riding a motorcycle. CrossHelmet’s product packs every single one of those features.

CrossHelmet is the smart motorcycle helmet of your dreams. It has a built-in heads-up display, app-controlled features such as a GPS, music player, and bluetooth connectivity for your smartphone.

The HUD can be seen on the tiny lens carefully placed inside the helmet’s visor. It displays both the current route if you’re using GPS and the feed from your rear view camera. The helmet also has speakers built in for music playing that is packed with a built-in noise control system.

We think this is a useful innovation as it gives the user the ability to use the necessary features of a smartphone without actually holding one up while riding.

But the most important feature here is the rear view camera since motorcycle helmets limit peripheral vision and it gives the rider an obstructed view without actually looking back.

According to the CrossHelmet website, the company is hoping to ship the futuristic helmet out sometime in May or June.


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