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Gamefreak Hints Pokemon Arrival in Nintendo Switch

Guess the next Pokemon Game will arrive via the Nintendo Switch, huh?

Hiring ads from Pokemon developer Game Freak are causing speculation that a Switch entry is coming in the near future. Last fall, there are also rumors that a third version of the Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released as Pokemon Star.

The recent character modeler wanted ad is for a “new title.” Based in Tokyo, the job lasts up to May 2018. Game Freak is looking for those with experience using Maya and making characters for Wii U and PS Vita games. Job responsibilities include making “exaggerated toon style people, monsters, and item models.” That kind of responsibilities are too much for a 3DS title, thus the perfect plat for is the Nintendo Switch.

Another evidence that may lead to arrive in the Switch is that, according to the listing, this is a “consumer game.” and it means that it will not be a smartphone game. What’s the platform that requires the responsibilities above that is meant to be a “consumer game?” That’s right, the Nintendo Switch.

If you piece it all together, all clues lead to the Nintendo Switch. But hey, unless there’s an official announcement that a new Pokemon game will arrive on the said device, this may be something else entirely. We’ll have to patient and wait. It’s a long way before May 2018.


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