After taking so much timeof  testing on the public test region, Overwatch’s newest hero and anchor tank, Orisa, is finally available for everyone. She’s also accompanied by major changes to everyone’s favorite soccer-loving, roller-skatin’ Lucio, a new tiebreaker system on competitive play, and some balance changes that is found on some heroes and maps.

Orisa was made by the Overwatch development team both as replacement and combo to Reinhardt, the game’s most tanky hero. Similar to Reinhardt, she has a non-movable barrier and a skill similar to charge called halt wherein you’ll take lesser damage and become temporarily immune to crowd-control skills such as Lucio’s boop and Pharah’s rocket.

But she has some new skills as well. Her right click is like a mini-graviton surge similar to Pharah. And her ultimate is a sentry that works similarly to Mercy’s damage boost, but everyone in the area is affected. Do note that this can be destroyed, so be careful where you place them.

Some other changes include: Ana’s biotic rifle now does less damage, Sombra’s hack and translocator has been tweaked (buffed).

If you want to know all the changes, check out the patch notes here.


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