Samsung’s official launch event for the very much-awaited Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone is almost here, but the rumors about it is still not losing any steam.

Dedicated leak platform Slash Leaks has found yet another video of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and though it’s too short to speculate anything, we noticed that Samsung has made some changes to its TouchWiz interface to make it cleaner and more pleasing to everyone’s eyes.

While the company is famous for releasing smartphones that look so nice and elegant, the TouchWiz remained to be one of the factors that make customers not buy the handset. So this move will almost seal the deal for them and crosses one of the disadvantages of the phone.

As you can see in the video, Samsung has significantly cleaned up the TouchWiz interface, making the overall look and feel much more pleasing to the eye. The default weather forecast widget has now been moved to the center. The other easily noticeable improvement is that the home screen app grid has been extended to accommodate five icons. But are these changes enough to sway customers back? We’ll see soon enough.

Samsung is scheduled to unveil the new and improved Galaxy S8 on March 29, but you will have to wait until late April for a chance to get your hands on the new S8.


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