In our daily lives, especially when we are working in a company, we just go on autopilot — we are give a task and we just do them. But I suddenly remember a cool story that someone told me. It’s about a manager who hired someone without actually hiring them. Confusing right? Let me explain.

The new hire is a very efficient and pro-active kind of person. She picks up the phone, solves small problems before they turn into big issues, and is what you call a go-getter. After a few months, the manager and this new hire sat down together to see how things were progressing, and the manager brought up “I don’t even remember how I hired you. You just talked your way into my company.”

Then they both laughed and continued on with their usual work. The next day, the new hire showed her notebook to the manager and on the t0-do list it read “get myself a job at this company”. She just decided she wanted to work for the manager and then simply made it happen.

For me, that’s an important lesson for all of us.

We often dream about the things we want. Those expensive smartphones, travel to that country, have a house on the sea-side. But rarely do we take an ambitious goal, write it down in our to-do list, and then actually make effort to accomplish it.

So after reading this, think about something you want to accomplish, and write it down. Maybe on a notebook or your notes app in your phone. Push through that big wall that you call fear and once you internalize your ambition, I’m sure it’ll open the door to an inspiring path towards that dream.



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