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WATCH: Teaser For Netflix's 'Death Note' Film Adaptation Premieres Online

The Teaser For Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Film Adaptation Premieres Online

The film is directed by Adam Wingard (‘Blair Witch’) and stars Nat Wolff (‘Paper Towns’).

Love it or hate it, Netflix is on a roll. The titles it usually appends its logo to are almost always great films and television series, and this notion adds in me some confidence for the upcoming Adam Wingard-directed Death Note adaptation.

To the uninitiated, Wingard is one of the filmmakers behind films such as You’re NextThe Guest, and most recently, Blair Witch. His new film, Death Note, follows a young man who finds a mysterious notebook that supposedly holds the power of taking the life of someone whose name is written in it. This discovery leads the young man—Nat Wolff’s character—to a campaign of vigilante justice by writing the names of heinous criminals. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with the authorities, who try to track and stop him from killing more people.

Take a look at the teaser:

Death Note goes live on Netflix, August 25th.


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