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Google Will Now Give You A Paid App Every Week. For Free.

You Can Now Install A Paid Android App Every Week. For Free.

Sorry. No Super Mario Run.

If you’re an Android user, you will now be able to install an app for free. And not just any app, of course. Those that you don’t dare touch because of the price tags next to them. That kind of app.

Android Police spotted the feature. At the time of this writing, the free app offer is Cartoon Networks’ Card Game.

Google Will Now Give You A Paid App Every Week. For Free.

Though it seems that the feature is only being picked up right now, the “free app of the week” stint has actually been with Google for a long time. Google apparently rolled out a similar promotion last year, but it didn’t really make much traction.

The feature was relaunched last week with Ultimate Guitar Tab & Chords.

This is all and well, but the real sad hook is that there isn’t a chance that Super Mario Run will, hopefully, be “free” for a week.

Curse you, Nintendo, you capitalist geniuses, you.


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