Airbnb is serious about doubling down on the land down under, eh? Apparently, after premiering its “Trips” feature in Los Angeles later last year, the tech Goliath is expanding its services from helping people find a place to crash to helping people find a place to, erm, do stuff at.

The new platform showcases a slew of “experiences” users can make during their trip. Here’s a quick pitch taken from Airbnb’s page:

We want every trip you take to feel magical. So you no longer have to follow the maps, wait in the lines, and take photos of all the same sights. Now, you can access unique experiences, incredible homes, and local favorites — all from one app.

Think of it like a smarter, more interactive version of a travel book.

As mentioned, the platform has been officially announced to become available in Sydney, Australia, making more than 20 options available to its users. That adds to the list of 800 already available globally. By 2017, according to Airbnb Vice President of Product, Joseph Zadeh, Airbnb Trips will be available in 50 cities total—per Mashable.

There are a handful of experiences to do in Sydney, two of which are Bondi Dawn Patrol and Beach to Bushland.

This means well to users, but will also indirectly impact local tourism and economy. “When we work with government and show them the kind of income we can bring to their citizens, they often get pretty excited.”

Regarding pricing, listed “experience” providers will get to keep a majority of what they charge travellers, splitting 20 percent with Airbnb. “We have everything from A$25 ($19.06) to A$250 ($190.61). it really depends on what you’re offering,” Zadeh said.

This is a bold and potentially rewarding move for Airbnb, business-wise. It’s the first major shift that the company took since its birth in 2008.

“Back then, we only thought about providing a place to stay, and now we think about the entire journey,” he said. “Several years ago, we believed that Airbnb should expand to offer the entire trip from where you stay, which we’d done before, to what you do, which is what Experiences are, and even how you get there, which is down the road.”

No word has been put out regarding Trips becoming available in a key city in the Philippines, but we’ll keep you posted.

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