No matter how nostalgic we get, the era of the iPod is gone. In consuming music, bits of memory are no longer the commodity, but bytes of data. Unless we want to, we no longer have to download our music on our phones; they go with us, up there in the Cloud. On this post, we are listing down some of the best music streaming services available in the Philippines.

It is worth noting that major players in the music streaming battlefield such as Microsoft’s Groove, Google’s Play Music, and Jay-Z’s very own Tidal, are excluded from this list. At the time of this writing, they are not yet available in our country, although it’s not wrong to hold out hope.

Anyway, let’s get to the list.


Spotify is probably the most popular streaming service to Filipinos. At 129 pesos a month, it’s cheap. And by setting yourself back this very small premium, you’re getting a finely developed app that allows you to discover new music you’ll probably like and access to millions of songs you know and don’t. Spotify is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as on Windows and Mac computers.

Apple Music

The appeal of Apple Music lies in the size of its collection. It’s bigger than that of Spotify’s by a significant margin. This makes sense. Apple has a humongous music collection from iTunes and I don’t imagine it’s too much work to make them available for their users to stream. What’s more, the UI is aesthetically pleasing; you will not grow tired of using the app.

Apple has pretty much everything Spotify has at this point. It has robust discoverability features, a vast music library, and the same P129 monthly premium. It’s available in both Android and iOS devices.

Deezer & Spinnr

Deezer and Spinnr are both affiliated by Smart. Deezer is a subscription service, while Spinnr is an on-demand streaming service. This means that you can stream unlimited songs using Deezer, but you will be limited to songs you’ve bought on Spinnr. Obviously, Deezer is the better buy, with its 129-peso price point. One thing I will say about Deezer, though, is that there is definitely a lack of discovery features.


Bandcamp is our go-to discovery tool for music. You can support new artists you find by following them and buying their music. It’s a fantastic community of music-lovers, too.


Like Bandcamp, Soundcloud is great for discovering up-and-coming artists. Everything from cover gems to funny podcasts is in Soundcloud. There’s a great, innovative commenting system as well, that makes interaction easy and fun to do.

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