Even if you have disabilities, as long as you have that gamer blood running in your veins, you don’t have any reason to stop playing.

Just like this Dutch player named “Sven” who joined Spain’s Sonic Book tournament for Street Fighter V. Playing his favorite Ken, Sven battled Musashi’s Akuma in a best-of-three series that saw the Dutch Player come out on top. Check this out:

Sven told the interviewers that he went blind around the age of five due to cancer. “I was afraid that I was not able to play computer games anymore because I was blind, but then Capcom released Street Fighter II on the SNES and I was so happy I was able to play the game just by the sound.”

In the end, Sven didn’t make it into the bracket stage, but winning a single match garnered a very loud and respectable applause from everyone. We’re sure that this is not the last time we’ll see the blind gamer matches, and even tournaments.

Thank you Sven. You made all the gamers proud!

Check out the entire match:


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