Enough with the rumors, people. The next iPhone from Apple will have an OLED screen. They didn’t officially announced it, but the big company has ordered 70-million OLED screens from Samsung. And if that’s not for the next iPhone, we don’t know what is.

The original size that was reported was about 160 million. That’s half of the size that was officially ordered, but analysts estimate that Samsung expects to make up to 95 million total for Apple this year.

Rumors have been circling the internet on Apple’s impending move to OLED screens. We expect that the next iPhone 8 will have so much change in their 10th year anniversary.

It is rumored that the company will release 3 iPhones and the most expensive one (dubbed as the iPhone Edition) will be the only device that will have an OLED screen.

Other rumors include an iris scanner and wireless charging. The iPhone is slated to be announced September this year.


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