The episode that we’ve all been waiting for. After a season of Negan screwing with Rick and the rest of the group, our beloved gang finally decided to start the much-awaited war to the show’s greatest villain yet.

We’ll talk about everything that happened in the finale, so if you haven’t seen it yet, consider this a spoiler alert warning.

Let’s start with the biggest death of the episode: Sasha’s gone. We all knew that was going to happen. The show pretty much gave so much hints that even the character went on ahead and attacked Negan by herself. And the fact that the actress was going to be in the newest Star Trek Discovery, we all expected that she’d be gone sooner or later.

The other big thing is that the three settlements — Alexandria, the Kingdom and Hilltop — joined forces and successfully defended themselves from Negan’s attack. Because of Negan’s plans to think Rick is going to win with their attack, the other groups had the reason the join together and reveal themselves as one army to fight the Saviors. An actual war happened in the show. But after a whole season of building and hyping it up, it didn’t much delivered the expectations of the viewers.

The show didn’t give the audience satisfaction as not a major villain died in that show. They didn’t even managed to kill a known character like the look-a-like of Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V, what’s his name again? We all knew that Negan won’t go down that easily, but at least give us something to be proud of rather than teasing another big war for the next season. It’s like the show told us straightforward “Yup, many saviors that you don’t care about died, that’s it. Wait for the next season.”

But let’s just stop from all those ranting for a second and talk about some good ones. The storytelling was good in this episode albeit made some scene slow at times. The way the show go back and forth with Sasha was mysteriously satisfying up until Negan decide to open the casket and it goes back to Sasha one last time. It was a very good choice for the show to give one of the main female character and emotional send-off. And with Maggie herself explaining what the group learned from the very start of the show and how they ended up with the choices they made? I wanted to give her a standing ovation.

Also, that double cross from the garbage-dressing people? It actually felt right. After all the negotiations of Rick and Jadis and building up their relationship with each other’s group, it never felt that genuine that they would actually hold their end of the bargain. The alliance never felt solid that when the show revealed that they had betrayed Rick, we were actually glad that there’s some good plot twist in the season. The only thing that’s wrong about this betrayal is that Michonne didn’t get a chance to lay her hands on Jadis even though they had a scene about Jadis “laying” on Rick after she’s done.

I also liked the conflict the show had set up for Darryl and Dwight. To see them confront each other with Darryl now holding Dwight’s life in his hands, it was incredibly satisfying to watch. I literally stood up and said “You don’t mess with our Daryl b*tch!” It also gave the us an uneasy feeling on how will Daryl handle the situation. Although I read the comics and knew what was gonna happen, I was intrigued if they’re going to kill him just because of Daryl’s voiceless emotions.

Speaking of Dwight, we now know that his story is not over by a long shot. We know that he didn’t betrayed Rick’s group as he left a little something to Darryl to let him know. He still has a crucial role to play, but it would be nice if they made us think what he’s going to do next during the finale.

And that’s about it for the season finale. It drew a story that connects one chapter to another. If you haven’t been reading the comics, the whole season is a single volume from the comics entitled “March to War” and the next volume called “All Out War” which will most likely be the story for the whole season next year. It really felt that we could have just watched the two first and last episodes and we would still be on track with the storyline, any others felt that too? As a comic reader of The Walking Dead, it was nice that they told the story albeit changed in some minor ways. But if haven’t been reading, it really feels like the show was too dragging and slow.

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