Android smartphones are highly customizable devices, so much so that it leaves users clueless as to where one should start. There are a lot of customization options already built-in on phones running the O.S., and even more so on ones that run skins on top of it (e.g. EMUI, TouchWiz, etc). So, that leaves the question: where the heck should a clueless Android user start when customizing his/her Android smartphone?

On this comprehensive guide, we’ll share a few tips and then some more.

Changing your launcher

The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Android Smartphone

Your smartphone has its native launcher out of the box. There are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to stick with it, and for whatever that reason is, it’s completely fine to swap it with a third-party launcher.

I always recommend Nova Launcher, just because of the vast customization options that you get for its Free version. In fact, I’m running it on my Huawei P9 Plus, to emulate a more Stock-like look of Android. Of course, thanks to the options Nova makes available, I’m able to give my phone a splash of pastel, which is just how I like it to look.

Other recommended launchers: Action 3, Arrow, Atom, and Evie.

Changing your icon pack

The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Android Smartphone

In addition to how your launcher looks, you can also replace the native icons in your phone. Third-party launches should give you the ability to do this; in fact, a Marshmallow pack is already preset in Nova. If you want your phone to stand out further, changing your icons is worth a try.

In a bid to achieve that “pastel” look, I put the Delta icon pack on. It’s free, lightweight, and looks gorgeous on top of Nova’s launcher. I also recommend the following icon packs: Min, Lines, Nougat, and Pixel.

Finding the right wallpaper(s)

The Ultimate Guide To Customizing Your Android Smartphone

There is an incredible amount of wallpapers available online. I find mine on Unsplash. I only had to search for photos that had pastel colors, and bam, my “pastel” phone is complete.

Need more? Root your phone!

If you want to go crazy, root your phone. It’s the equivalent of jailbreaking an iPhone, enabling you to use a host of new features and introduce to you new sets of customization options. Just know that rooting might void your phone once you do this. There are a lot of tutorials online which detail exactly how to do this.

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