Our favorite bee is invading Italians.

The most popular Filipino fast-food giant Jollibee is setting their eyes on the European market — planning to open their first food chain in Italy.

The company announced that with Italy having 200,000 Filipino, it’s a smart move to open up a branch to bring their favorite food right into their door step — quenching their thirst for that cripy ChickenJoy. President of the Jollibee group Jose Minana Jr stated “We’re looking at italy… we will follow where the Pinoys are.”

The Jollibee group will be entering Europe together with Blackbird Holdings as a joint venture. 75 percent of which will be owned by the Filipino company under their international unit Golden Plate Pte Ltd.

Jollibee is the largest fas-food chain in the Philippines, with 750 stores locally and over 3,000 outlets worldwide, among them include China and the United States.


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