Video game trailers are weird and misleading, but funny and interesting at the same time. They were fun to watch because they are not directly selling you the consoles which we are tired to watch.

While most of the gamers have made their mind on even before a console is released, these companies are still free to create their own commercials for the sake of competition. So now, we go back in time to give you the top 5 video game console commercials that you may have missed.

PlayStation 2: Mountain

One of the best. You don’t necessarily need to show the game or console itself for your message regarding the console to reach your audience. Although we think that if it was the PlayStation 3 that was featured in this commercial then it would be more successful.

PlayStation 3: They found their Mascot

For a brand that’s so well-known worldwide, Sony’s PlayStation has struggled to find a mascot. They’ve alternated between trying to have one to trying to have many to none at all. For all their efforts, the people saw that Kevin Butler is the closest to being one.

Sega Genesis: Shots fired!

This commercial can be summarized to Sega burning Nintendo and saying: “Go piss yourself, mate”

PS Vita: Short and Simple

This was really beautiful. It was shown last 2012 and as you can see it is the most minimal commercial in this list. Featuring nothing but the branding and the happiness of Japanese crooner Shigeru Matsuzaki.

Xbox 360: Standoff

The fact that this commercial never went on to appear on live television means that it could have been banned. But in reality, Microsoft chose not to air it at all. But this was a wrong move for the company as it would have been nice to see this commercial with all the PlayStation commercials going around.


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