Keyboards are essential to the smartphpone experience. Without it, you’re crippled. You won’t be able to accomplish the most basic tasks; you’ll lose your phone’s most basic functions. There are, in addition, times when your phone’s native keyboard doesn’t suffice. You look for something that looks better aesthetically, and one that has added features such as autocorrect, voice-to-text, and swipe gestures support.

They are apps that we often take to the wayside, even if it is, in fact, one of the most important. On this post, we’re sharing some of the best Android keyboards you can find.


The Best Android Keyboards You Should Be Using

GBoard is hands-down the best keyboard Android users can use. It has every feature you’d want to find in a keyboard, and it’s completely free. It is powered by some of Google’s most powerful features, including its own speech-to-text engine, a robust predictive text functionality, and a quick access to Google search. There’s also The best part about it is that it doesn’t take much space or memory. If it counts, it also looks beautiful by default. But should you feel for something more fancy, you can always turn to Gboard’s customization options.


The Best Android Keyboards You Should Be Using

Swiftkey has been a popular option for professionals because of its hyper-accurate predictive process, called the “fluency engine”. Beyond this, the keyboard itself is well-spaced and well-designed. There are also a number of great themes in Swiftkey’s theme store, but those, unlike Swiftkey’s core product, are paid.


The Best Android Keyboards You Should Be Using

Swype has incredible swipe functionalities, but there’s a lot more to it than this. First, Swype’s features tie a lot into Android’s Accessibility features for TalkBack and Explore by Touch, effectively making Swype useful to vision-impaired users. My favorite feature is the copy-cut-paste via swipes. It’s a dear to use. There’s a trial version of the app, but the features packed with everything I love about it will set you back a small premium of a dollar.


The Best Android Keyboards You Should Be Using

The strengths of both Swiftkey and Swype are primed into one pretty package in Gboard, our recommended app among the three. It is, however, really up to you, on which of these keyboards speak to your preference.


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