If you haven’t got the news yet, I’m happy to tell you that the company that made the iPhone possible is “completely rethinking the Mac Pro,” after realizing that they made a device that was so hard to follow-up in the future. We’re all for the upcoming Mac Pro and all it’s glory, but let’s talk about how Apple released the news. It’s very inspiring and somewhat different from their usual announcements.

The news broke out with no flashy events, invitation teaser that you’d have to decode, nothing. The company decided to invite a small number of trusted journalists over a small meeting with a single objective — to spread the word that something new is on the way for the Mac Pro albeit sadly won’t arrive this year.

As you can see, this is very weird and different from Apple. They could have just went on with their lives — waited a few more months to release a teaser or let the rumor mill spread like wildfire. But they just revealed an iteration of a product months in advance. Why?

Well, there’re several ways that you can give meaning to that. Maybe they have forgotten that the Mac Pro was 3 and a half years old and panicked. Or maybe they we’re scared that their competitor Microsoft went all out to create an all-in-one PC that’s more innovative than the Mac Pro. We wouldn’t know the exact reason but it really is a sight to see that the big company showed some weakness.

As for me, I own a gaming PC (Windows, of course) at home and a MacBook that I use for work and blogging. I never really did compare the two as I was comfortable with both and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. They have their own consumers and market, but as a company, I would have want to capture everyone in the spectrum. And Apple became arrogant that they completely forgot to this, in my honest opinion. The MacPro that was released almost 4 years ago was the device to sway Windows users to their side and actually tell the world that they can be competitive too.


But this move actually defined what company they are. A company that listens. By opening up despite to only few journalists, telling them straight up that they still have room to improve on gives everyone the impression that they care.

This is a really good move for the company. Good job, Apple. I’ll be looking forward to that new MacPro in the future even though I’m sure that wouldn’t be able to afford it.



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