A high schooler from Phoenix, Arizona by the name of Jacob Staudenmaier just posted an instantly viral video of him promposing to Emma Stone.

The video, which recreates the iconic opening scene from Stone’s 2016 smash musical drama La La Land, features Jacob singing his own take on “Another Day Of Sun” (the lyrics are swapped for context, with Staudenmaier ultimately changing it to “The Valley Of The Sun”, which is the Phoenix metropolitan area where his high school is situated). Check out the video.

“I love La La Land. It was one of my favorite films of the year, and I’ve always loved Emma Stone as an actress, especially in her film Birdman,” Staudenmaier said. “I decided if I was going to do this I needed to do it big and ambitious.”

While Stone herself has not officially said yes, Staudenmaier insists that he will go on and go to his prom. That would, however, make such a waste of lovely night, wouldn’t it, Emma?


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