Big daddy of Overwatch and game director, Jeff Kaplan, shared some interesting insights on why a story mode might never happen, not in the near future, that is.

Blizzard’s colorful first-person shooter has won so many hearts because of its unique hero pool and the importance it places on diversity. Despite a limited number of game modes, Overwatch itself has a great amout of lore found on other mediums such as comics and short cinematic. With this, fans have requested a story mode that would actually tie into the main game so that they could play and experience the plot at the same time.

Kaplan noted that including such feature would be making a “whole game in itself.” There would need to be so much effort coming from the developers and it would certainly be a large-scale project. Nevertheless, he didn’t actually brushed off the idea and even stated that it was fascinating.

So that’s just about it for us Overwatch gamers. We’ll just have to stick with various mediums for the plot. Maybe in the coming years, but we’re not giving up on our big daddy Jeff.

Meanwhile, an exciting even is coming to us next week! Check this video from Stylosa:


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