By end of this year, Microsoft will be rolling out a handful cheap HoloLens alternatives.

Microsoft’s mixed reality technology has been teased for a few years now and, as demonstrated in the HoloLens, the experience is pretty frakking mind-blowing. The possibilities are, literally, endless.

A demo using Microsoft’s $300 mixed reality lens. Photo via

The only hurdle? Well, there’s two. One is that there is no concrete indication when a consumer version of the HoloLens will arrive. Moreover, if you want to get the current iteration of the technology, you’re looking at a $3,000 purchase, which is, to say the least, a huge insensible spend.

Luckily, the new batch of headsets is going to be priced a lot cheaper. There’s already a $300 one coming this year by Acer, and fellow Windows partners such as Asus and Lenovo are expected to follow suit. What’s more, these new headsets are expected to run not only on big, expensive computing beasts but on low-spec machines as well (think computers north of $500).

Cheap HoloLens Alternatives: Low-Priced Microsoft's Mixed Reality Headsets In The Works

The idea of consumers having an early taste of Microsoft’s mixed reality is still, at this point, mindboggling; does this mean Microsoft’s tech is finally ready for the market? Will we be seeing a consumer edition of the HoloLens soon?

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