Internet taught us so many things, one of them is to aim high and dream big. Take Nevada teenager Carter Wilkerson, for example. He has this awesome dream of scoring a year’s free supply of Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Asking the Frosty queen herself,  Wilkerson asked the company’s corporate Twitter account how many retweets he’d need to secure to achieve his prize. Like the cruel gods giving heroes some impossible task, the company gave Wilkerson a target retweets: 18 million.

But that doesn’t mean we have to give up right? When it comes to causes that will soothe our hearts, there’s nothing impossible. Carter’s call for nugg help currently has 2.1 million retweets which is like 20 percent of the way to his goal. There are 320 million active Twitter users in total so technically this is a possible goal, but do note that the most popular tweet that garnered the highest retweets of all time was Ellen’s selfie with a lot of celebrities. But to hell with the negativity, we can do this, Carter.

Meanwhile, our hero is slowly getting retweets from big-name endorsements and popular celebrities:Meanwhile, Carter is slowly accruing big-name endorsements for his quest, with Amazon, Microsoft, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul all working to help him get to the coveted 18 million doses of sweet viral marketing sweetness.



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