John Carpenter’s 1988 speculative thriller They Live is a seminal work, so much so that someone built a YouTube channel around it.

Its newest subject? None other than Pepsi, a brand so terrible in doing commercials they burned Michael Jackson’s hair. Pepsi’s supposedly momentous spot set in the midst of a multicultural rally caught fire quicker than any brand recover when Kylie Jenner plays harbinger of peace by handing over a can of sugar water to a cop. Obviously, the spot induced rage aplenty, with people quickly pointing out that the spot straight-up devalues the struggles of people of color.

Salting the wound is the aforementioned YouTube channel, Flea Market Socialist, who uploads a brisk, 11-second parody of the said commercial. The hook here is that the whole thing is scene from They Live spectacles, which allows people to see through the various facades of media and capitalism.

Check out the video below:


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