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Thor just got his Hammer Destroyed in the First Trailer of Thor: Ragnarok

Thor’s newest villain — Hela, the Goddess of Death — just proved the she ain’t messing with our favorite God of Thunder during the our first look at the next Thor movie dubbed as Thor: Ragnarok. Everything is in chaos, the Mjolnir shattered into pieces, Asgard smashed to the ground, and the most shocking of all is that Thor has been given a brand-new haircut.

Well, the haircut was already leaked a few weeks back, but it’s still awesome that we get to see it in action during the trailer. There’s also a lot of going on. There seems to be a war waging in Asgard, Loki bringing out the big knives, and of course, that nostalgic moment when Thor met the Hulk in the arena. The trailer both looks promising and exciting and we can’t wait to see in theaters this year.

Thor: Ragnarok zaps into theaters this November.



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