Starships shot to the sky over the weekend when 14 year-old Awra Briguela, a contender in the reality T.V. show Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids, made a groundbreaking impression of “a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka”.

Watch his performance here:

You won’t be faulted for taking another look just to make sure. It really is a 14 year-old impersonating Nicki Minaj. You can’t really blame Awra for not having Minaj’s distinct flow, but the signature sass he sustains all throughout his performance. Even up to the question-and-answer portion where he remains in character.

As you can tell, Awra is a pro. He’s done Rihanna, Louie Armstrong, and Shirley Bassey.

The performance is from the finale of the said show, where Awra ultimately won the grand prize, taking home a million pesos and a trip to Jeju, South Korea.


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