Windows users! You’re in for a treat today as Microsoft is releasing their Creators Update for the operating system. As the name suggests, it focuses more on fun than the usual system tweaks and bug fixes. If you’re a fan of MS Paint, then this update is perfect for you. Here are the best features:

Doodle in 3D with the all-new Paint

One of the most highlighted feature when Microsoft first announced the Creators Update is the overhaul of Paint, the application that made us doodle and waste countless hours when we were kids. You can still, of course, use the classic version, but Microsoft is upgrading Paint with a focus on 3D modeling.

Instant Streaming with Xbox App

If you own an Xbox, then you’re in luck. We can see that Microsoft is also trying to connect Xbox and Windows to give you the best experience. When playing any game you can just hit the Windows key + G and a floating “game bar” will appear. From there, you can initiate a stream and also switch in the new Game Mode.

Game Mode is supposed to prioritize your game over some system processes running in the background to give you some performance boost and to make sure that you don’t lose some precious frame rates. Don’t expect anything revolutionary though.

Night Shift Mode

It’s called Night Light and it works the same as f.lux and Night Shift on Apple. You may have heard that the blue light of our screens is confusing our brains about the time of day making it harder to sleep. It’s always a welcome feature, but it’s not as complicated with f.lux.

Upgraded Edge Browser

Browser-wise, Microsoft Edge really does feel faster and lighter than Chrome and Firefox as it is made to be a native app for Windows. With this new update, Edge will have more features similar to Chrome: you can now see all your tabs at a glace, and you can save them all for later if you don’t want a million pages open.

Also, you can now add some cool annotations on the browser itself. You’ll probably never use this, but it’s kind of fun.

And that’s about it, those are the most highlighted features found in the Creators Update of Windows. There are also some smaller features too, like Dynamic Dock that will let you pair your phone and PC so that it will lock out when it’s out of range and picture-in-picture support on native apps like MacOS. So go ahead and check your settings so you can update now.


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