Because Beyoncė is pregnant and is unable to perform—it’s for real, quit with your Illuminati bullshit—Lady Gaga was chosen to fill in.

This, of course, is not just some event. This is Coachella. Thousands of people horde for the fashion, the weed, and what other have-yous, but it’s an audience of thousands all the same. There is no better place to drop a surprise track, and that’s exactly what Lady Gaga did.

After performing it live on Coachella, Gaga promptly released her new song “The Cure” across all music platforms. The world’s reception, much like that of her latest record Joanne, was split half-and-half.

Take a listen to the song, in full:

Here’s my take: it’s not playing consistently with the 2009 bad-for-your-body Gaga we all grew to love or the 2016 sweet-but-not-bad-for-your-body Gaga we are all trying to give a chance to love. But it’s a true bop of a song, and we cannot discount that.

Sure, it’s derivative. Maybe to a fault. I would even say that bared of its gorgeous, silky synth,  the song sounds an awful lot like a Janet Jackson song, something that would have hit a couple years ago. But then again, this is proper pop music in its sheerest, most basic form. No frills. Just good, finely written pop music. And in this context, Gaga has made something beautiful.

But don’t take it from me; if Gaga is starting a voyage to every nook of pop music there is, I’d be the first one to jump on board. Call me a little monster if you must, but whatever you make of “The Cure”, it’s still a bop. So bop on.

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